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Allocation questions

I’ve not received a refund for my application. Who should I contact? 

If you received an email from PrimaryBid notifying you that your application for Deliveroo shares was not fully allocated, and that you are owed a refund, you should receive the refund within five business days to the bank account which issued the debit card you used for your application.  Refunds cannot be made to any other bank account.

If you have still not received your refund after five business days have elapsed following PrimaryBid’s  email please contact your bank to see if a refund is marked as ‘pending’. If your bank is unable to assist you, please contact PrimaryBid using the online form at www.primarybid.com/contact. 

Access/trade my shares

How will I access my shares?  

On 7th April 2021 your shares will be issued and will be placed in the Equiniti Corporate Sponsored Nominee Service. Equiniti will email you a unique Shareholder Reference Number and a link to a dedicated Deliveroo microsite that will enable you to trade your new shares straight away.

Equiniti will also email you an activation code which will enable you to set up a Shareview account and unlock extra information about your holdings. You can set this up at www.shareview.co.uk. Please do not register on the site until you’ve received your activation code.  


When can I trade my new shares?  

You can trade your new Deliveroo Holdings PLC shares once you have received your Shareholder Reference Number, which is expected to come on 7th April 2021. 


I’ve deleted the email containing my Shareholder Reference Number – how can I receive this again?  

Please get in touch with us using the contact forms on this site.


It’s 7th April and I haven’t received an email containing my Shareholder Reference from Equiniti – when will I receive this?  

The Deliveroo Community Offer has been extremely popular, and we’re working hard to distribute details to all Shareholders before 13.00. It’s worth checking your junk folder too, just in case. If you haven’t heard from Equiniti by 13.00 on 7th April, please get in touch using the contact forms on this site. 


It’s 7th April and I can’t get onto the Shareview Dealing site / am getting an error message / can’t get a quote.  

These issues could occur due to high levels of traffic on the Equiniti dealing site or lower availability in the market. If you’re unable to trade for this reason, keep trying later on in the day. If you simply wish to access the site or register, we recommend you leave this till another day.


What is the current share price?   

The current share price can be found by viewing your Shareview online portal. 

All shareholders who participated in Deliveroo’s Community Offer paid the Offer Price for their shares (£3.90 per share). 


How much does it cost to sell my Shares?  

There is a flat fee of £5 per trade to sell. This rises to £8 per trade in year 2, then £10 per trade in year 3.


How do I sell my shares on Shareview Dealing? 

Once you've followed the link on this website that says 'Buying and Selling Shares' and clicked through to the Shareview Dealing site, you'll need to: 

  • Stock Search for Deliveroo Holdings PLC 
  • Click on “Buy” or “Sell”  
  • Complete your personal details, including your Shareholder Reference Number 
  • You will need to enter bank details 
  • Click on ‘Get quote’ to obtain a price quote 
  • If you’re happy with the price quoted, select ‘Confirm 

 Please be aware that if you decide to trade your shares, Equiniti may need to carry out checks to confirm your identity. These are done to meet various legislative and regulatory requirements and guidelines. You may be asked to provide various documents before your proceeds can be sent to you.   


Why is the share price showing as GBX?  

The term GBX is the currency abbreviation for UK Sterling in Pence, eg: GBX 128 = £1.28 GBP (UK Pounds).


How long do I have to accept the price quote when selling my shares? 

You’ll be given a price for your shares which will be valid for 15 seconds. If you don’t accept the price in this timeframe then the trade won’t go through and the price may change.


Am I able to refresh the price quote? 

Yes, the price quote will refresh each time you click on ‘get quote’. Choose to accept once you’re happy with the price quoted. 


I’m selling my shares, how soon will I get my money? 

You should receive the proceeds from the sale of your shares within 5 business days into the bank account details you provided. If you’re notified that you’ll be receiving a cheque (if the bank account details provided cannot be confirmed) then this could take up to 10 working days to arrive.


It’s been 5 days and I’ve not received the money from my share sale – what do I do?  

Please let us know by completing the dedicated contact form on this site.  


Why can I still see a balance of shares in my Shareview Portfolio when I have sold my shares?  

You’re still able to see the balance of shares until the sale has settled in the market (which usually takes 2-3 working days).


I wish to buy additional shares in Deliveroo. Are the trading fees the same?  

Yes, you’ll pay the same discounted fee of £5 per trade if you wish to buy additional shares, plus stamp duty of 0.5% of the purchase value.

Manage my shares

My personal details are registered incorrectly – how do I amend them?  

Please send Equiniti the correct details using the contact forms on this siteWe will review these and get back to you.  


How do I manage my shares in the future?  

On 7th April 2021 Equiniti will email you an activation code which allows you to set up an account and see extra information about your holdings on www.shareview.co.uk. However, you don’t need to wait for your activation code to trade (as you can buy and sell shares via the direct link we send you on 7th April). Please do not register on the site until you’ve received your activation code.   

In order to set up your account, go to www.shareview.co.uk/register (you’ll need the Shareholder Reference Number which we send you on 7th April 2021).   

You’ll be asked to:  

  1. Enter your personal details;  
  2. Set up your security questions; 
  3. Select your preferences; and
  4. Enter your Activation Code to complete the process.


What does my Shareview Portfolio offer? 

  • Access your Corporate Sponsored Nominee Service statements  
  • View current share price and value of your shares  
  • Update address details  
  • Make your proxy vote for general meetings online  
  • Provide bank account details for dividend payments   
  • View of all your share investments in one place  
  • Trade your shares 

I’ve registered on Shareview but have since lost my user name/ID – how can I login?  

You’ll be able to retrieve this by answering the security questions you set at registration. Please follow the Shareview forgotten login link and follow the instructions provided. 


Why do I have to activate my Shareview Portfolio?

If you do not have a Shareview Portfolio, or your Shareview Portfolio is not activated, then you will not be able to view your quarterly statements online.


What is Equiniti charging me in fees for holding my shares?   

There is no charge for having a Shareview Portfolio.  


I already hold shares in companies managed by Equiniti – how do I add these to my existing portfolio?  

Once logged in to your Shareview Portfolio, you can select ‘add an investment’ from the quick links menu. You’ll need the Shareholder Reference Number for any holdings you’d like to add.


When will I receive a share statement 

You will receive an Equiniti Corporate Sponsored Nominee opening Statement online by 13th April 2021. We’ll email you to let you know this has been produced. 

Going forward, a quarterly statement will appear in your Shareview Portfolio showing the number of shares held for you. We’ll email you to let you know this is available and how to access it.   


When will I receive my New Share certificate?  

If your shares are held through the Equiniti Corporate Sponsored Nominee Service, no paper share certificate will be produced, and you will be able to manage your shares online.

Broker transfers

Can/How do I move my holding to my existing stockbroker?  

If you didn’t already request this at the point of application, you can still move your holding for free until 5pm on 7 May 2021. After 7 May there is a fee of £5 to transfer to another broker. To request a transfer, please use the contact forms on this site.


I correctly initiated a broker transfer so why are my shares are in the CSN?  

Due to your broker’s timeframe, we could see that your shares would not have been available for trading on 7th April. We have placed your shares in the Equiniti Corporate Sponsored Nominee Service to give you the option to trade straight away. If you still wish to move your holding, please use the contact forms on this site. 


What happens if my broker transfer is rejected (e.g. incorrect details provided)?  

If your broker transfer is rejected (e.g. because your broker didn’t reply or incorrect details were provided), we will place your shares in the Equiniti Corporate Sponsored Nominee Service to give you the option to trade straight away. To re-request a transfer, please use the contact forms on this site. 

Benefits of being a Deliveroo shareowner

How often can I expect a dividend?   

Deliveroo currently intends to retain any future earnings to finance the operation and expansion of the business, and does not expect to declare or pay any cash dividends in the foreseeable future. Any decision to declare and pay dividends will be made at the discretion of the Directors and will depend on, among other things, applicable law, regulation, restrictions on the payment of dividends in financing arrangements, financial position, the Company’s distributable reserves, regulatory capital requirements, working capital requirements, finance costs, general economic conditions, and other factors the Directors deem significant from time to time.


Will I be able to attend and vote at general meetings and receive shareholder documents?   

Yes. You will be able to attend and vote at general meetings and receive copies of the same shareholder communications as other shareholders.


How do I get updates about company performance from Deliveroo?  

The best place for all updates for Deliveroo investors is Deliveroo’s dedicated Corporate website. You can also sign up for automatic email updates which means you’ll receive information on all investor events and any other detail released by Deliveroo. 


When are the next updates for investors from Deliveroo?  

Deliveroo expects to announce its Q1 2021 trading update on Thursday 15th April. You can also sign up for automatic email updates which means you’ll receive information on all investor events and any other detail released by Deliveroo, just click this link to go to the Deliveroo Corporate website (opens in new tab) and follow the instructions.

General questions

What is the Equiniti Corporate Sponsored Nominee Service (“CSN”)?

A CSN is somewhere where shares can be held without the need for a share certificate. Equiniti Financial Services Limited is providing Deliveroo a CSN, so that shareholders who do not hold a stockbroker account can participate in the Deliveroo community offer. There are no fees to hold Deliveroo shares in the CSN, but there are fees to deal (to buy or sell shares) and to ‘transfer-out’ to another broker.  


Where can I find the latest share dealing terms and conditions?   

The latest share dealing terms and conditions can be found at:   



Who is eligible to use the Equiniti Corporate Nominee Service (“CSN”)?   

You must be aged 18 or over and resident in the UK or European Economic Area (EEA) in order to participate in the Equiniti Corporate Sponsored Nominee Service.  


Who will be the registered holder of my shares?   

Your Class A shares in Deliveroo Holdings PLC will be held on your behalf in the name of Equiniti Corporate Nominees Limited, on a separate register, which is not open to public inspection. You will continue to be the beneficial owner of the shares and will have full sight and control of your shares on www.shareview.co.uk.


I want to speak to someone at Equiniti on the phone, why is there not a phone number?

To offer the best service to all we have set up a dedicated team who you can contact via the form below. By using this form we can offer service to more customers.


Need more help?

Message the EQ Team today. Select from the options below and complete the form.